UNHCR Ireland presents EUPW Pilot Programme at UNHCR EHAGL Labour Mobility Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

In October 2022, UNHCR Ireland and Nasc travelled to Nairobi, Kenya, to present the EU-Passworld pilot project to regional implementing partners. EU-Passworld aims to launch labour pathways for skilled refugees from the East and Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region to Ireland between 2022-2024. Learning from the success of similar initiatives in Canada, this pilot aims to bring together diverse stakeholders in partnership to facilitate refugees’ access to employment opportunities in Ireland.

In addition to hearing the inspiring testimonials from candidates of Canada’s Economic Mobility Programme (EMPP), RefuSHE presented its colourful collection of handcrafted scarves and textiles, made using resist-dying, a traditional East African technique. This collective is a peer-driven social enterprise that empowers refugee women artisans with the education and opportunities they need to become skilled, confident, and economically independent entrepreneurs.