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photos, videos and more related to the eu-passworld project

First Job Corridor in Italy

Hamed's experience
28 June 2023

Engaging Communities in Education and Labour Pathways

EU-Passworld ATCR Side Event
Geneva 28 June 2023

Education and Labour Pathways

Webinar 17 May 2023

Exchange Visit in Nairobi, Kenya

Working Group on Identification, Referral, and Matching
March 28-30, 2023

Universities at the forefront of access to education​

The Round Table
6 December 2022

First In-Person Meeting Of Galway Community Sponsorship Group

29 November 2022

UNHCR Ireland presents EUPW Pilot Programme at UNHCR EHAGL Labour Mobility Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

October 2022

University Corridors for Refugees, First Arrival 2022

5 September 2022

First in-person Policy Design Session on Education Pathways to Ireland

12 Dicembre 2022

Education Pathway launches at the University of Galway

May 2022

Field Visit in Venice, Italy

9 March 2022

Kick-off Meeting

Welcomed by Caritas
Venice 9-10 March 2022