Engaging Communities in Education and Labour Pathways

EU-Passworld ATCR Side Event | Geneva 28 June 2023

This year the ATCR (Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement) was held in Geneva, promoted by
UNHCR and co-organized by The Irish Refugee Protection Program (IRPP) in the Department of Children,
Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth as the State Chair and Nasc, the Migrant and Refugee Rights
Center, as the NGO Co-Chair.

In this international context of exchange and sharing of experiences and good practices on resettlement and complementary pathways, the EU-PASSWORLD side event took place and focused attention on community sponsorship, the greater involvement and more active participation of communities within education and labor pathways.


EU-Passworld is a three-year project funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and
Integration Fund
 that aims at establishing new education and labour pathways with a link to
community sponsorship in Belgium, Ireland and Italy for at least 200 people in need of
international protection.
One of the key premises of EU-Passworld is that engaging receiving communities in welcoming
and supporting the settlement of students and workers arriving through education and labour
pathways can make education and labour pathways more sustainable.
Project partners define sustainability not only as the capacity of pilots to scale into national
policies and the availability of resources in the long term, but also as full ownership by each of
the stakeholders engaged in education and labour pathways.


The side event will bring together different actors engaged in the design and piloting of education and labour pathways to share lessons learned after 18 months implementing EU-Passworld jointly reflect on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead; and identify good practices in engaging communities to develop sustainable pathways for students and workers in need of international protection. The discussion will take advantage of the international audience attending ATCR to actively engage policy-makers and practitioners from around the world and draw links to the ongoing work of the Global Task Force on Third Country Education Pathways and the Global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility.


14:00 – 14:05: Welcome by moderator and side event overview

  • Hannah Gregory, Refugee Hub

14:05 – 14:20: Dialogue 1: Public – private partnerships for sustainable pathways

  • Barry Quinn, Irish Refugee Protection Programme
  • Carla di Quattro, Ministry of Interior, Italy
  • Daniele Albanese, Caritas Italiana

14:20 – 14:35 | Dialogue 2: Creating a welcoming community for workers: the workplace and beyond

  • Hussein Miari, Talent Beyond Boundaries Alumni Representative / Nurse
  • James Alawi, Home Office, UK
  • Lisa Button, Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia

14:35 – 14:50 | Dialogue 3: Creating a welcoming community for students: the university
and beyond

  • Rosa-Lie Craps, Fedasil, Belgium
  • Michelle Manks, Global Task Force on Third Country Education Pathways
  • Shannon Kenny García, University of Galway student and community volunteer

14:50 – 15:05 | Q&A and brief interventions from the floor

15:05 – 15:15 | Closing remarks


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